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The use of botanicals as healing agents is a long-standing practice throughout human history. 🌿

🌿 With love gifted from #Bali! This wonderful bundle of Danau #diffuser and 2 healing sets of #essentialoil kits from @utamaspiceus has everything I need for months and months of #aromatherapy!! Did you know the use of botanicals as healing agents is a long-standing practice throughout human history?. In fact, essential oils and other botanicals have been used in wellness practices as early as at least 5,000 years ago!!. Instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet, reach for nature’s first aid essential oil set!!! The #lavenderoil has been known to speed healing and eases tension to help you sleep. #Teatree oil is used to eliminate germs and treats skin infections. Mint oil has been used to ease nausea and head pain. Ginger oil is known to soothe the stomach and warms sore muscles. #Patchouli oil has been said to balance hormones, treat skin ailments, and stimulate healing. Another great kit is the this special Revival set of essential oils! 😷 They all contain #antibacterial, #antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic properties that kill microbes and protect the home from #germs. They can be used in a diffuser to purify the air, or added to a home crafted sanitizing cleaner. This Danau Satu #aromatherapy diffuser operates by using the Bernoulli’s principle to turn pressurized essential oil into a mist of extremely fine micro-droplets that are most easily absorbed by the body.🌿 We love how it works without adding heat or water which conserves all the original properties of the essential oil so the pure scent and the #therapeutic effects of the essential oils are effectively disseminated throughout a large area without altering the particles or adding unwanted humidity to the environment. @utamaspiceus is my new favorite place to find natural aromatherapy and beauty products made in @Bali, Indonesia. Everything is absolutely pure and natural!!. Check it out and get 15% off when you subscribe to their newsletter ➡️


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