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🎄The holidays are stressful so I've been using loyobofit for my body, mind & soul!

🎄The holidays are stressful so I've been using loyobo fit for my body, mind & soul! It's a community all about body acceptance, joyful movement, and food freedom. I love how the Loyobo virtual platform & community has so many options including live fitness classes, on demand videos, group coaching, cooking calls, mindful eating support, and lots more! My favorite video so far is Holiday Rage & Release with Courtney! It's all about finding a release and giving you an outlet to get it all out. It's an hour of stretching, breathing, and movement with elements of yoga, kickboxing, meditation and stretching (release) and encouraging you to get loud and vocal with grunts and lots of yelling (rage)! Supplies needed are a yoga mat, bolster, pillow, and yoga blocks or similar supports.

🎅 I have a 30 Day pass and it gives my full access to everything I need to better my mind, body and soul. You can get your 30 pass here




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