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🖤 Thanks so much Haley for helping me start up my new work from home side hustle!!!

🖤 Thanks so much @hanginwithhaley for helping me start up my new work from home side hustle!!! I love all these fun accessories and being my own boss! I'm excited about my new venture and to be a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant! It's such a supportive team that helps me grow! These fun & trendy accessories are so cute and my favorite part is how they're completely affordable for women everywhere!! I also love how there are no monthly quotas that need to be met to keep my Independent Paparazzi Consultant status!

🖤 All these accessories are amazingly only $5 a piece and if you sign up to be a #consultant like me you get 35% - 45% commission for each piece you sell. When I signed up I got to choose the starter kit I wanted and received a huge box of accessories for me to keep and sell along with everything I need for my own work from home business!!

🖤 My preview pack included a variety of colors and styles of cool looking #bracelets, #rings, #necklaces, and #earrings. They were all selected by their stylists to appeal to my first customers. This starter set is only available for initial purchases of new consultants and gives you all the basics to become a Paparazzi superstar!

The $99 Start Up Preview Pack includes:

35 Pieces of Jewelry Retail Value = $175

Style Snapshot

Stylist Tip Card

Necklace Bust

100 Pink Sales Bags

Paparazzi Party Planner

25 Display Hooks

Complete Jewelry Tool Kit

25 Party Invitations

Vinyl Window Decal

25 Receipts

5 Consultant Enrollment Forms

10 Thank You Cards

10 Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards

5 Compensation Plan Brochures

🖤 If you love accessories and have been looking for a fun and affordable work from home #sidehustle check this out!!



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