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Thankslorde and belle!I love this innovative skincare giftset!

Thankslorde and belle! I love this innovative skincare giftset! Lorde + Belle has developed HA3, a non-injection alternative serum that blends three distinct forms of (low, medium, and high) molecular- weighted hyaluronic acid. Working at varying levels, the HA3 complex generates skin renewal and elasticity. Its multi-molecular approach absorbs immediately, delivering short and long-term benefits. Lorde+Belle HA3 hyaluronic acid blend simultaneously infuses skin with intense hydration to help restore facial volume, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and gives the appearance of healthier, youthful skin. The Hydra Max is one of five Lorde + Belle powder-boosting solutions. The innovative powder formula makes adjusting the moisture level of an existing product simple and effective for various skin types. To learn more about this innovative skin care line visit


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