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Teaching kids life skills through online games

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For years, kids have been playing video games to learn all about the world around them. Whether it's the latest popular console game or one of the endless available online options, games are inevitably part of most modern parent's approach to teaching their kids. Many people are realizing the benefits to online and digital games in teaching their kids life skills as well as common core subjects. Grocery Cashier is a fun game that we found out about recently from We thought this is a perfect example of a game that can teach kids life skills such as self-management, problem solving, taking turns and more.

In the game, the kid or adult is in charge of managing an imaginary grocery store, which is an essential pretend play activity. When it's time for them to check out, they are given cash to pay for all items purchased, or vouchers. The cashier adds up the totals, and accepts payment from the customer just like a real world transaction. They learn to calculate the required amount of change to return to the customer. They earn points based on the score they gain in the game by correctly tallying up and accepting payment with correct change returned.

Kids playing games is a necessary part of their development. Recent studies show that games have not only become a more palatable and entertaining medium for learning, but are actually helping to raise quality of life. Many parenting experts believe that kids who play games are less stressed and more likely to be healthy and happy. Most parents want to raise happy, healthy and educated children who also understand life and social skills. Games appear to be one of the best ways for this.

Finding safe, free and accessible games that aren't full of obtrusive ads can be tough. Parents shouldn't have to spend a lot of money to get quality online games for their kids. To be able to enjoy online games with your kids, parents need to have the freedom to play excellent games without having a lot of ads and advertisements pop up on the screen. Avoiding these ads promotes a sense of safety and security in the parent for their child's game experience. This is especially true for games that happen on various devices such as tablets, phones, and computers.

As caring parents, we should have full control over what our children are exposed to online without needing to worry about them looking at inappropriate content or being subjected to advertising. Jimmy and I love that we have so many options for Zelah on It is an example of a great website full of educational games that parents can trust their children with because there is no advertising and no inappropriate content they can access while playing this game. I am so happy we found it, Zelah is loving the available games, and we can keep up with the newest ones by bookmarking this page. They add all of their latest games there, and we look forward to new ones to show her. We are so careful with what we expose Zelah to, and this was one of the best finds we have come across this year! What game will you start out playing on


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