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Tavour Craft Beer 🍺

What an amazing and unique selection of craft beer in this Mixed Beer Gift Box gifted from @tavour 🍺 We got to try some really interesting and delicious beer including space lettuce beer, crane guava weiss, white elm, hell trinken, the return, mr. sandman and more. The box has a little bit of everything and it's such a fun & convenient way to discover new beer we haven't tried before.🍺 It's an amazing selection of their highest rated beers including IPA's, Saisons, #WildAles, Imperial Stouts and more. I think these #craftbeer Gift Boxes & Gift Cards make great gifts for any Occasion! To learn more visit ➡ . Or Download the @tavour app to get access to the highest rated beer from all-independent brewers from 47 states and get all your beer shipped right to your door for one flat fee. ➡ . 🍺🍺🍺 .


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