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Symphony in B ♬

We found this Symphony in B at @mybtoys. It's Zelah's new favorite toy and she absolutely loves how she can create her very own music with it. I love it because it's a wonderful learning toy and it has some songs I can play on the piano 🎹 *Für Elise #beethoven. There are 13 #instruments *clarinet, flute, tuba, trumpet, xylophone, drums, cymbals, piano, accordion, koto, guitar, violin and sitar. #Symphony in B has 13 instruments and you can choose any 4 at a time to place in the center and start creating music. You can even swap and rearrange them to make different sounds with different keys. ♬ There are 15 songs and #symphonies with countless musical combinations to choose from. Zelah also loves how it lights up and the lights teach her about the different sections of an #orchestra. Symphony in B is a great way to reduce screen time and learn some music basics * kids 3 and up. To learn more visit the link in my bio. ➡




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