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Support a small American business on Kickstarter!

Support a small American business on Kickstarter! Your support will get you antibacterial sanitizing sprays for skin, surface & pets at an introductory discount (15%-60%). You’ve probably heard about #sunytizer, a new brand that has been getting a lot of rave reviews lately for their one of a kind, moisturizing hand sanitizers. The numerous reviews on their Facebook page show that people are loving it.


@Sunytizer has now upped the game with a Hand & Surface Sanitizing spray. This versatile spray has 70% alcohol and works well on skin as well as all surfaces. In addition, there’s an antibacterial, all natural, non-toxic Pet Spray. To sum it up in the brands own words – “Our Pets Need Protection Too”. They’ve also come up with a deep moisturizing Hand Cream that is anti-bacterial for that extra protection. .

If you’re excited about these products as I am, please back their crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. ➡



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