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These @stickerkid.usa stickers are so cute and useful. 🐼#stickers ad. They come in a pack of 106 labels so you can label all your kids belongings for daycare, preschool, school, camp, sports, afterschool activities etc. My favorite thing about them is how you can design your own and they are 100% waterproof, washable, dishwashable and microwavable safe. The pack contains 60 small name labels for small hard surfaced items like pens, pencils, eyeglasses, toothbrushes, etc. There's 15 round labels for larger hard-surfaced items including shoes, water bottles, #lunchboxes, food containers, books, etc. There's also 32 Iron-on name labels for clothes and any fabric items including towels, aprons, uniforms, etc. Check out @stickerkid.usa to learn more ➡


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