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🧺 Springtime is the perfect time for picnicking and baking up some fresh breads, pasta & pastries!


Springtime is the perfect time for picnicking and baking up some fresh breads, pasta and pastries to take along! 

I always love getting these wildgrain subscription boxes because they're packed full of the most delicious bread, pasta and pastry! This is my third box and my favorites are the sourdough breads and croissants but I also do love the fresh pastas, and artisan pastries! Wildgrain is my favorite way to replace supermarket bread and pantry staples. I'm always so impressed with how quick, fresh and yummy they all are every time! Love how everything is made with clean ingredients and bakes in 25 minutes or less with absolutely no prep needed! 

We plan to do some picniking this spring in Joshua Tree National Park and taking some  goodies with us.  Wildgrain 

is perfect for quick lunches and on the go and picnics! Joshua Tree has eight picnic areas: Cottonwood, Indian Cove, Live Oak, Split Rock, Cap Rock, Hidden Valley, Quail Springs, and Black Rock. We will definitely be visiting Split Rock this spring for a picnic! Split Rock is a beautiful trailhead and small picnic area nestled among all the breath taking rock formations up a short dirt road from Park Boulevard in Joshua Tree National Park. I love this picnic area because it's such a wonderful place to enjoy a lunch with my family before hitting the Split Rock Loop. 

Here are some must haves for the perfect family picnic:

1. A Picnic Blanket 

Especially one that is waterproof and can fold or roll up to make it easier to store in the car to and from the picnic.

2. A Cooler Box 

Essential to keep your food cold and for throwing scraps into after the picnic.

#3. Picnic Cutlery & Cups

I like to use bamboo or wood instead of plastic to help the environment.

#4. Windbreak

A windbreak is great especially for those days when you need a shaded breeze to take the edge off the heat of the day.

#5. Bubbles 

Zelah loves bubbles and they are so much fun to see who can blow the biggest bubbles or multiple bubbles.

#6 Wet Wipes

Paper towels and napkins are great for during the picnic, but I always like to take a pack of wet wipes for cleaning up any sticky messes. 

#7 The very most important picnic Must Have of All is 

a delicious sandwich! 

Here's a quick lunch recipe for a family day trip or picnic using my favorite Wildgrain sourdough bread everyone in my family loves! 

First - Bake, cool and slice the bread! This takes under 30 minutes!  You will be amazed with how incredibly fresh it tastes! 

1. Spread one slice of the Wildgrain sourdough bread with butter, then spread a thin layer of mustard on the other slice. Top the mustard slice with a spread of mayo.

2. Top either slice with shaved cheddar cheese, then add thinly sliced ham on top.

3. Add the second slice on top and you're done! 

I think a Wildgrain subscription bread box is a total must have this Spring for some memorable family picnics!  Right now you can get Free Croissants for Life! And Take $10 OFF Your First Wildgrain Box with my code NURSESHANNAN

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