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🍜 Spray Gourmet Liquid Spices

I've teamed up with @spraygourmet to create this yummy & simple Father's Day dinner! 👪 Who doesn't love peppered steak, lobster and some cinnamon cheese cake for desert. I used these new innovative #spraygourmet liquid spices to pepper the steak and the cinnamon to add some extra flavor to the cheese cake. 🍜 Spray Gourmet has created a way to bring extracted #spices in their purest and rawest form to your kitchen. You don’t need a lot of spice to get a lot of flavor and each spray is equivalent to ¼ tsp or a pinch of #spice. We also love how fresh they taste and that they're free of unhealthy elements found with some classic spice. 🍜 They're also easy to use with the controlled spray application that eliminates the work, mess, and guess work. To learn more and see all the different spray spices available visit ➡



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