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Spark Power Box 🎁

The @SparkPowerBox is a unique monthly subscription box that gives you tools to live an #empowered life. Each month includes exercises and products related to a specific theme. Each theme is curated by life coaches, spiritual leaders, motivational speakers and successful entrepreneurs so you know you will be receiving thoughtful and valuable tools. This month's theme is about making dreams come true. My favorite things in this box are the planner, inspirational quotes on everything and the candle. Another plus about the #SparkPowerBox is they donate a portion of the proceeds to a #goodcause that supports women. I think this box would makes a fun surprise gift to give to yourself or to a friend each month. Get 20% off only for this month and it can be used with 3 month prepaid .. Use code SPARK20.

To learn more visit ➡ .


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