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Soothelife CBD Rub

I've been using this soothelife 🌿 nano cbd rub for the past couple of weeks now for my chronic herniated cervical disc pain and love how it's a safe non-pharmaceutical way to relieve pain without having to take meds. This cbd rub is pretty powerful and contains 110mg of extracted isolate CBD from hemp. It also contains other natural ingredients including apricot seed oil, soy lecithin, aspen tree bark powder and modified citrus pectin. For every 10mg of Nano Solution there is 1mg of active cbd. The active pain relieving ingredients are the menthol and cannabidiol. It's really quick and easy to use too .. I just massage some cream on the back of my neck until its absorbed into my skin 4 times a day and it works all throughout the day and night. If you've been looking for a safe non-pharmaceutical way to relieve pain I highly recommend this cbd rub. 🌿 Try it for yourself with my 10% off code: shannan and let me know what you think.

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