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Songwriter Journal ♬

♬ This *The Song In My Head* song writer journal made for the perfect gift for my husband. He's been writing #lyrics & music in just a regular spiral binder but now he can create and organize so much easier. This handy #songwriter book was designed by professional musicians and includes all sorts of things to promote #creativity. It has lyric & music score paper, guitar chord tips, harmony and music theory help, and inspiring artist quotes. It also has a guide to the anatomy of a song!! . I think this would make a thoughtful gift for songwriters and composers, #musicians, kids, #creatives, music students & #music teachers, wordsmiths and poets.♬ It's now available on @amazon at ➡ . . Did you know that using a physical journal is better than using an app because writing by hand forces the brain to slow down, which allows for deeper and expanded engagement with creative thoughts and ideas. ♬


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