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So many people are going through tough personal finance situations right now 🐖.

So many people are going through tough personal finance situations right now so I thought now would be the perfect time to share a new free site I recently started using. 🐖 is an easy to use site full of all kinds interactive tools and calculators that helps make my financial life a little easier to manage. They have tools for budgeting, #homeloans, mortgages, savings, #retirement planning and lots more. 🐷 My favorite #pigly partner interactive tools I found for my particular financial situation was the retirement planner and the personal #budgetplanner. Budgeting is what I've been trying to focus on lately so this calculator is the perfect way to quickly estimate my biweekly, monthly or annual income & then budget accordingly. I chose to use my monthly income to create my budget plan and it was great to see the exact recommended amount I should actually be spending on my key monthly #expenses. The monthly expenses focused on are charitable gifts , #savings , housing , utilities , food, transportation , clothing , medical/health , personal , recreation and debts. An amount of $ is shown for each expense and a range of what I should be spending on that patlrticular expense. A total is also shown at the bottom of the calculator of how close my percentages are to 100% so I know how much I need to change my #spendinghabits to match my current income. 👪 I'm happy to say the my current spending is pretty much within the guidelines of my monthly income except I do need to contribute more to savings and make a couple other minor changes. 🐖 To learn more and see how on track you are with the recommended budget guidelines visit ➡


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