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Silk Crystal all-in-one tightening mask 🌿

I've tried many different masks before and this #silkcrystal all-in-one tightening mask is the most effective one I have ever used!! It has this amazing slow self contraction ability that firmly tightens and the results are instant and amazing!!! This is a Korean beauty product mask that reduces fine lines and irregular pigmentation by removing sebum & excess oil and I love how it cools and soothes my skin instantly. After I removed it my face felt soft and deeply moisturized all day and it had a healthy glow. I also noticed less visible #finewrinkles and my face looked and felt tighter. 🌿 #Koreanbeautyproducts are my favorite because they're always so innovative!!! The reason this mask works so well is because it's made with natural extracts and a new silk protein made of 96.5% silk crystal. Silk crystal is a new biomaterial made of silk fibroin protein that has a high hydration capability. 🌿 Best of all this #facemask is free of parabens, artificial colors or petroleum based synthetic oils and is safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin like mine. If you've been looking for a mask that really works then try this one and get 30% off with my code: SHANNAN30. It's currently available on amazon at




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