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  • Nurse Shannan

Self Tanning Lotion 😎

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

I love the way a beautiful tan looks but don't like the risks associated with getting too much sun like skin cancer. Plus sun bathing prematurely ages your skin and causes deeper wrinkles and sun spots. This self tanner is a smart way to get a natural looking tan without all the dangers of the sun. Best of all it's organic & made of all natural ingredients. I love the flawless bronzed look and how it's also safe to use on your face and doesn't leave any streaks, blotches or that strange orange tint like others self tanning solutions I have tried in the past. It works pretty fast too and takes about 2 hours to see results then lasts for about a week. My favorite thing about this tanning lotion is that the ingredients are all organic. It's all cruelty-free made with vegen, natural ingredients and fda approved. If you've been looking for an easy way to get a tan without all the hours needed in the sun and all the dangers associated with sun exposure then this is the perfect solution. I found this easy to use sun tanning lotion on amazon. Right now you can save

8% by clipping the coupon on the product page ➡➡



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