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🍀 Saint Patrick's Day is right around the corner!

🍀 Saint Patrick's Day is right around the corner! Zelah is prepared with her Saint Patrick's Day gift set from the lucky little leprechaun! We got this last year and this is our second year using it! It's our Saint Patricks day tradition! The Lucky Little Leprechaun Deluxe Collection contains everything you need to begin your own fun family tradition: one of St Patrick’s Lucky Little Leprechauns, a pot with 3 clover-leaf gold coins, and an illustrated storybook in an adorable keepsake boxed set .The book is so beautifully illustrated and written in a fun limerick-based style. It explains how children can "catch" their own Lucky Little Leprechaun!

🍀 Check it out and start your own tradition with The Lucky Little Leprechaun for Saint Patrick's Day! You can find it on Amazon!



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