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Rubios Family Taco Kit 🌮

  1. We had are own little at home taco party with the @RubiosCoastalGrill New family taco kit!! It was super easy to order and also very affordabile. These NEW Family Taco Kits are only $29 (originally $35) for pick-up and FREE delivery!! They come with everything you could possibly need and even include some really nice serving utensils. You have lots of choices when building your kit including: 🌮 Protein: Your choice of all-natural grilled chicken, USDA choice Steak, or grilled shrimp. 🌮 Toppings: Freshly made guacamole, lettuce, shredded cheese, mild salsa and their famous chipotle white sauce. 🌮 Corn or flour tortillas 🌮 Beans and Rice: Your choice of no-fried pinto beans or black beans, mexican rice or citrus rice. 🌮 It also includes a huge bag of tortilla chips to share. 🌮 Try it for your family with free delivery or Pick Up- No line. You just grab your order from their pick-up shelves all ready to go in a really nice bright blue catering bag.


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