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Rubios Coastal Grill 

👪 One of my new year's resolutions is to be more health conscious and make smarter decisions about the food my family eats. #SeafoodTwiceaWeek is always a healthy and delicious choice! @rubioscoastalgrill has two new limited time only bowls available until 2/24. These new #buildyourown bowls make it easier than ever to eat more greens and choose healthy proteins. The two new bowls are the Mango Seafood Bowl (pictured) and the Baja Chopped Bowl. I love how I have the option to choose grains (citrus rice or brown rice & quinoa) or greens (romaine lettuce) or even a delicious combination. The protein choices are salmon shrimp, wild-caught mahi mahi or the all-natural chicken raised without antibiotics. Try these new bowls for yourself and let me know what you think. #craverubios ➡




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