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Reviva Labs Firming Collection 🌿

@realrevivalabs has released a new firming collection!! I've been using them for the past month & love my results. The Elastin #Collagen Skin Toner is alcohol free and helps my skin's pH balance plus keeps it firm.. The DMAE Concentrate was so easy to use under my #moisturizer and makes my #skin feel deeply moisturized all day long. The Alpha Lipoic Acid #VitaminC Ester DMAE Creme is a must have because it's specifically formulated with all the firming ingredients my skin needs. The Firming Eye Serum is like using two products in one and totally helps to firm my eye area while protecting against future damage. The Elastin + DMAE Night Creme is my favorite because I love the idea of restoring my skin while I sleep and I wake up with silky smooth results.🌿 The Elastin Collagen Body Firming Lotion is my new go to because of its moisturizing building benefits and also for helping those who need to fight slackened skin during weight loss. It's perfect for use on upper arms, thighs & stomach too. #RevivaLabs is a family owned, natural #skincare company with over 45 years of experience creating superior #naturalskincare that produce amazing results. They use only the highest-quality ingredients that are both safe and effective - plus always cruelty-free. 🌿 To learn more about these @realrevivalabs firming products visit ➡




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