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Relief Care Thermometer 

Zelah was so interested in learning all about our new thermometer which she calls "mermometer" and loved how she could just press the button and take random temps of various things like the air, food and water with it. This reliefcare digital forehead and ear Infrared thermometer is one of the most accurate I have ever used. It's the perfect design to use for babies and toddlers too. One of my favorite things about it is the alert lights for high, moderate and normal readings. The dual feature makes it easily switchable from forehead to ear and once you take off the probe cover the baby thermometer switches to measure ear temps automatically. I also love how the infrared sensor mute mode makes It so easy to get a quiet reading while little ones are sleeping. It has a smart chip so you can takes an accurate reading in just a second and it stores the last 25 readings for later review and comparison. The lcd display shows 3 colors and even sound patterns indicating temperature from normal to high fever. This clever thermometer can even measure the room temp, bath water and bottle temperatures.. If you're looking for the perfect thermometer for your kids then check it out on amazon and clip the coupon for an instant 5% off at checkout ➡



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