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🌿 Relaxation and rejuvenation are important for self-care..

🌿  Relaxation and rejuvenation are important for self-care!. These hangover-free vodka seltzers are infused with botanicals and only have 100 calories! They are my new favorite guilt-free indulgence. The flavors are so deliciously unique! My favorite flavor is the blood orange lime!  I plan to share these with some mom friends at an upcoming Halloween party!

🌿  Plant Botanical Spirits are made with real fruit and premium vodka infused with functional botanicals! The vodka is infused with traditional botanicals including goji berries, ginseng, dandelion and angelica. I love how they're a sustainable brand and use Sorghum Vodka takes half the water to grow as corn.  To learn more and try them for yourself you can find them @target, @wholefoods or @walmart or get a discount with my code: NURSESHANNAN10 at

🌿 Plant Botanicals is giving away a $200 Oh Polly gift card plus $100 worth of Tower 28 Beauty products! To enter the giveaway visit @plantlovesyou on Instagram or


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