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⭕ Red light therapy at home!

⭕ Red light therapy at home! I've been using this comfytemp red light therapy belt for backvpain for the past week and it works wonders. I love how red light is a healthy and safe drug free therapy. I've been using it for 20 minutes every day for the past 3 weeks and have way less pain! This comfy temp belt has lots of professional lamp beads with the new three chips technology.

⭕ The reason it works so well is because the infrared light penetrates deep into tissue cells to help relieve pain and increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, jointpain, muscle tension and even promote cell regeneration. It also improves skin appearance and accelerates healing from things like sports injuries. It's also versatile and adjustable with 4 modes, red light mode, infrared light mode, red + infraredlight mode and pulse mode. It can be used for shoulder stiffness, waist back pain, muscle pain, joint inflammation, sports injury, and menstrual pain. Plus it's hands-free and has a long cord so I can use it while lying on the sofa or any other comfortable place. Sometimes I connect it to my laptop in our office.

⭕ I think this comfytemp belt makes a unique and useful gift for anyone looking for a healthy and safe method of physical therapy at home. To learn more and get 10% off on Amazon use code: RLTherapy

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