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🎅✨ Proof that Santa is Real! We all had a blast with the Santa Tracking Kit and..

🎅✨ Proof that Santa is Real! We all had a blast with the Santa Tracking Kit, The Santa Sleeve and the Can You Catch Santa book from tinslco!

♦️ The Santa Sleeve is our favorite of the three. Zelah was thrilled to catch Santa on video reaching for cookies! Although it's best to do this the night before Christmas we set it up early so we could check it out and share the experience early. So much fun in just 3 easy steps to reveal the proof that Santa is real.

1. Before bedtime on Christmas Eve you have your child help you set up a phone or recording device so they can catch Santa in action!

2. Once you’re sure they’re sleeping - Slip on the sleeve and capture “Santa” in video as you reach for a cookie.

3. Christmas morning - Show your child the video proof that Santa is real when they see Santas arm reach for the cookies

♦️ The Can You Catch Santa book is a beautifully illustrated Christmas journey! It's designed for kids 6 and up. Zelah had so much fun reading the story of Hunter, a school reporter, as he tries to capture an interview with Santa! This book is now part of our Christmas tradition and I can see her reading it every year for years to come.

♦️ Santa Was Here!" Santa Tracking Kit is another magical way to show kids Santa is real by revealing his glowing handprints on and around the cookies! The magical edible glowing powder prints lead right to Santa's cookies!! It's super easy to set up by simply squirting the glowing food coloring directly on top of Santas Cookies. Once (Santa) touches and eats the cookies everything is touched will glow. Zelah was amazed to see the proof of Santa's glowing handprints with the included UV blacklight!

🎅 To learn more about these creative in home holiday experience kits and ways to show your kids Santa is Real visit

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