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👱 Proberry Purple Shampoo 

This @proberry_hair_care no yellow #purpleshampoo is the perfect solution for brassy blonde hair. It brightens and softens blonde, highlighted and even silver hair. I've only done a couple treatments with it so far and have noticed it really does neutralize all the brassy yellow hues. The reason it works so well is because it's made of certified goji berries known for their abilities to repair damaged hair follicles, nourish dry scalp and help with hair growth. It's also removes heavy build ups, dirt & grim, leaving your hair soft and shiny. Best of all it doesn't contain harmful chemicals like sulfate, sodium chloride and paraben. If you have dry, damaged or brassy hair then try it for yourself and let me know what you think. I found this #proberry_hair_care purple shampoo on Amazon ➡




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