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Pony Effect Makeup Sponges ♥

#ponyeffectpartner. ♥ These block makeup sponges from @ponyeffect_official are exactly what I was looking for. These super elastic sponges increases adherence of all sorts of different products applied, making my base makeup flawless and perfect. It can be used dry or wet as a moisture absorbing sponge that actually swells 1.5 times when soaked in water absorbing the water then transferring it to the skin, giving the skin a hydrated and dewy finish. There are 7 sponges with sharp edges thst can be used for areas that need a delicate touch like under the eyes and around the nose. They are super easy to use too. These sponges can be used on wet or dry according to my preference when applying liquid or cream type foundation, but should be used dry when applying powder-type formula. I simply spread whatever product onto my face then tap and blend using the sponge for an even application. ♥ To learn more about these innovative makeup sponges and get 15% off use code: PONYTODAY15 ➡


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