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🐶 Plush Chew Toys

🐶 Our pug loves his new plush chew toys. They also have such cute names *Wofi, Zino, Pondi, Mako, Papou, Tigi and Freezy. Some also make fun squeaky noises when the head or belly. They look and feel to be very well made with natural and non-toxic material which is great because my daughter has been playing with them too. They're made of thick durable fabric and the stitching looks tight and secure. I can see  these #dogtoys lasting for many years to come. 🐶 Best of all this set of 7 is such a fabulous deal at around $19 and free shipping on @amazon ➡

Get 20% off with code: 8AC6-YDMAWD-YCH5AY




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