• Nurse Shannan

Playshifu Interactive Globe 🌍

Zelah loves this @playshifu globe and companion app. What a fun way to have kids interact and visualize the world in 4D. #TravelWithOrboot ad🌍

It has so many fun features including engaging voices, stories, poems, and regional music. It's not just about #maps only because kids can also explore wildlife, monuments, inventions, cultures and cuisines for various regions. This is an awesome S.T.E.A.M. toy that also includes a travel kit, passport, stamp and lots of stickers. The #orboot app has tons of games and scavenger hunts around the #globe that involves solving mysteries. There's is even an area called Oko Park where kids can learn about the food chain and balance the ecosystem of their own National Park. One of the coolest features of the app is it how it allows you to magnify various areas in camera mode on the globe which activates things and animals to pop out in 4d.#PlayShifu 🌍To learn more visit .