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Personal Stylist 👗

We're planning another trip to Disneyland next month and I need outfits so I decided to try out @thestiltrust app. I loved how I was able to choose my own personal stylist and the whole process was easy and fun. Before my appointment I filled out several questions all about my style preferences, what I'm comfortable wearing and my body type. 💜 On the day of my appointment my stylist spent around 15 minutes though video/phone chatting about all my style preferences and what I'm comfortable wearing. A couple days later all my perfect outfits were available and I loved each outfit. The three specific activities I requested a styled outfit for were ➡ 1. Day at Disneyland, 2. Downtown Disney dining in the evening, and 3. A Day at the beach. I had already put in a price range I was looking to spend on clothes so I was easily able to buy all the pieces. I loved all my styled looks ➡ *swipe left to see each of the complete outfits picked out by my stylist. #thestiltrust is having the FREE trial and you don't need to put your credit card or anything on file so take advantage of it! 💜 If you've been looking for a #personalstylist for any kind of event, activity, #vacation or anything else then check it out for yourself and try it for free ➡




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