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Organic Beeswax Food Wraps 

These HoneyBella 🐝 organic Beeswax reusable food wraps are such a clever idea. Each bag is handcrafted and made of certified 100% organic cotton fabric that works as a natural antibacteriel so they keep your food fresh longer. They work way better than seran wrap cling and we love how they are completely biodegradable & contain no plastic eco-friendly . The set includes five wraps: two are 14x14”, two are size 11x11” and one at 8x8”. What a perfect size variety for sandwiches, baked goods, cheese, snacks, fruits, berries and vegetables. By using these #biodegradable food storage wraps you are helping make the world better with cleaner water, soil, air and food. For every beeswax wrap used there is less plastic manufactured and dumped in our oceans, harming our wild flora and fauna. Best of all for every HoneyBellas 🐝 wraps set sold it helps fund the OneTreePlanted 🌲 a nonprofit organization to plant more trees around the world. To learn more about these #organic food storage bags check them out on amazon ➡



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