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๐ŸŸ Omega-3 fats are important nutrients for our brain, heart, and eyes ...

๐ŸŸ Omega-3 fats are important nutrients for our brain, heart and eyes! They're needed in all kinds of body processes. They are called essential because we can't make them ourselves (just like vitamins). Instead we must get them through our diet. You can find omega 3 in fish, seafood and green leafy vegetables, among others. Unfortunately, these are foods that aren't very popular with kids. Zelah's been taking Omega-3 DHA and EPA with vitamin D3 Gummies from arcticblueomega so she gets the right amount of essential nutrients. Omega fats are important for her heart, vision and brain function. The Vitamin D is important for strong bones, muscles and teeth.

๐ŸŠ๐Ÿ“ We also love how these Omega-3 dha and epa with vitamin D3 gummies come in convenient portion packs! They have a delicious strawberry/citrus flavor and are 100% sugar free with no fish flavor! Perfect for kids 3 and up! To learn more and try them with your kids visit


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