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Oliveda Skin Care

Have you ever noticed when you look at the ingredients of most skincare products you see Aqua/Water/Eau at the top of the ingredients list? This is because most #skincare products are approximately 70% water!! ad . The reason I love @olivedaofficial is because they replace all that water with natural #olivetree leaf elixir.🌳 This is excellent for skin and contains up to 3000 times more polyphenols/ #antioxidants which help the olive trees live up to 4000 years. Just imagine what that elixer can do for your skin!!!! I've been using this organic @Olivedaofficial 🌳 #skincareroutine for about a week now and love how it's not greasy but still deeply hydrates and my skin feels soooo smooth and super healthy. To learn more about this amazing holistic skincare made with real olive tree elixer check out @olivedaofficial or


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