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Oiamik Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses 

Do you ever get headaches or eye strain from too much #screentime? These @Oiamik blue light blocking computer glasses are great for preventing eye strain, headaches and more. They work so well because they block harmful high energy visible blue light and UV400. This prevents eye fatigue especially when watching TV and looking at the computer. I love how lightweight they are!! They're only half the weight of plastic glasses and two times durable. They look and feel to be well made of reinforced metal hinges. They're designed to put no stress on your nose and you can even bend the stems or bridge to change the shape of the frame. The #Oiamik set comes with 2 microfiber cleaning cloths, 2 interesting tattoo stickers, anti-blue test pen and test card in the box. To learn more check them out on @amazon at



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