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💖 Did you know that #sharks are the most misunderstood animal in our oceans? They're typically thought of as bloodthirsty man-eaters when, in fact, #shark encounters are extremely rare! In fact, getting struck by lightning is more likely to happen, as compared to being attacked by a shark.The sad reality is, humans are responsible for millions of shark deaths through the trading of their fins and as victims of bycatch 🤔. I'm wearing this cute tee from @oceanholiconline to help promote awareness plus part of the profits for each product sold on their site are donated to the #OceanConservancy (an organization that protects the #ocean and the animals that live in it). I love the look, feel and fit of this soft 100% cotton tee.💖 It's ethically made in WRAP certified factories and printed with 100% biodegradable water-based inks. Help support the Ocean Conservatory & Check out all the other cool stuff available for women, men and kids ➡➡

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