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👱 Knowledge Is Power! Today is World Aids Day!! Did you know you can take an STI & hiv test completely from home and get the results back fast!!! All that's required is answering a few questons on the @nurxapp and sending in a sample with the collection kit they provide. 1 in 4 people have never even been tested for STIs and this is scary because many of these infections are symptomless. Getting tested can be really stressful but now that the @nurxapp is available people can get all testing done with privacy and simple convenience. I love how discreet the packaging of the kit is and the entire process takes less than 15 minutes. Best of all if you do happen to test positive their clinical team will be able to prescribe you oral antibiotics or work with you to get you connected to in person care if needed. Check out the link to learn more and see all their different testing kits available. ➡ . #nurxcares



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