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NoNetz 💙

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

I love the way this hybrid extreme outfit from @nonetzsuits looks, fits and feels on Jimmy. This #SMARTee instant cooling shirt and athletic shorts bundle is the most comfortable and versatile outfit ever. It's designed for the beach, hiking, running, long walks, working in the backyard etc. It's unlike wicking apparel (which absorbs moisture and body odors so they become trapped in the material) 🤔 SMARTees is a revolutionary textile technology that’s designed to dynamically interact with body heat. When you heat up, the fabric moves heat away from you. When you start to cool down, the fabric releases that heat back to you. The goal is to try to keep you the same temp no matter what sweaty situation you're in. The athletic blue haven shorts have a generous cut allowing total comfort and freedom of movement. Guys are loving the * go commando* vibe 😎They have the NoNetz chafe proof liner and offer FREE ALTERATIONS to ensure a perfect fit. By eliminating the net, these #swimtrunks provide all-day comfort. If you get both the tee and the shorts together in the bundle you can instantly save 20 %.🎁 I think this innovatove outfit would make a great gift for just about any guy. To learn more visit. ➡



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