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New Air Portable Air Conditioner 😎

We recently bought a little mid-century modern home in the beautiful California Desert. Our house was built in the 1950s and we love everything about except for the fact that it does not have central air. We have been struggling with the summer heat and have tried everything including the typical window air conditioners to cool it down. The only real success has been this powerful newairusa portable air conditioner. It cools and dehumidifies the entire open space of our large dining room and kitchen areas fast. It easily cools up to 500 square feet so it is perfect for large rooms and open living spaces like ours. We love how even in the most humid days like today at 96 degrees & 36 percent humidity it has no problem cooling our house down. I also love how it can easily be rolled around and transferred to any our living spaces and takes under a minute to set it up in the window. Best of all you can't even tell it's there when looking at the window from the outside. It also comes with a handy remote that's easy to use. I'm so happy to of found this and would recommend it to anyone struggling to find a solution to quickly and easily cool down large spaces. To learn more visit ShareYourNewAir Sponsored

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