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💍 My wedding ring set is now complete!

💍 My wedding ring set is now complete! I've had my engagement ring for a few months. It's a 2 ct natural mined diamond, d color. I just got this eternity band giftset from @anuclubjewelry and its also d color so it looks stunning with my #engagementring! The eternity band is made with round moissanites. They look exactly like natural diamonds to me. Moissanite originates from space meteorites and is not a gem you find naturally on Earth. Due to this fact, all Moissanite gems are lab-created because sourcing its natural form is nearly impossible in nature. New Moissanites are grown in labs so in this environment the gemstones growth can be controlled and regulated for the most consistent and best production results.

This #AnuClub eternity moissanite ring is 5ct and easily passes the diamond tester. The stones share the similar color, hardness and element with natural diamonds. This eternity ring makes such an exquisite gift with the branded box.and packaging including all the certification paperwork (see pics). Check out all their gorgeous yet affordable rings, Right now my followers can get 20 % off anything sitewide with my exclusive code: ANUCLUBNS



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