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🤔  My hair just hasn't been the same since I had Zelah.

🤔  My hair just hasn't been the same since I had Zelah. It actually started falling out in clumps about a week after I had her and then when it grew back it was never the same. There are lots of different reasons besides pregnancy that causes female hair loss including thyroid disorders, anemia, autoimmune diseases, polycystic ovary syndrome, stress, aging, psoriasis, and even tight hairstyles. 

I started using this @getrevela last month and I already see some awesome new hair growth results!!  It's super easy to use too! I simply fill the dropper and apply it to my scalp focusing on my areas of concern and my hair part then simply message it in. I use it once a day and love how I can use it either on towel dried or dry hair.

This #hairgrowth formula is made with all the best innovative and proven natural ingredients available like aloe vera, caffeine, niacin and biotin to name a few.  Some of the ingredients can even be found in mushrooms and mustard plants. I also love how the ingredients are scientifically proven, cruelty free, and free of hormones, toxins and parabens. What makes the Hair Revival Serum so unique is its proprietary lead ingredient that is clinically proven to help decrease shedding and increase hair density, revealing visibly thicker, fuller looking hair in just 4-6 weeks (guaranteed!)

If your hair needs a pick me up try #revelahair for atleast a month and let me know what you think! To learn more and get 10% off use my code: SHANNANI10


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