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🏠 Moths can cause damage to all kinds of fabrics...

🏠 Moths can cause damage to all kinds of fabrics - clothes, rugs, furniture and also dry foods. These clever moth traps from catcher labs are the perfect solution to prevent damage before it begins! This combo set is for pantries and closets but I use them just about everywhere house wide!

👨‍👩‍👧 Love how they're safe for the family and pets! Non-toxic, eco-friendly and odorless! Easy to set up by simply folding the sides & placing in my kitchen or closet. They work with pheromones so they're completely safe for all humans and pets! They last a long time and can be replaced every 3 months, or once fully occupied.

🏠 These moth traps are way better than any other moth killer, pests and moth traps, or moth spray on the market! Such a quick and easy way to prevent damage to your clothes and pantry. Try them for your family and get 15% off. Coupon is available only at


You can also find them on amazon or walmart online!



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