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MomieGo App

Have you heard about the  @MomieGoApp yet? It's a free app for moms and dads looking to connect with other like minded #parents (not just because you have kids the same age). All you do is choose your interests and enter your location to find other parents that share your same interests that live near you. You can search all sorts of interests like art, exercise, books, wine, hiking, #yoga, #blogging, sports, gardening, diy, crafts, netflix binging, sushi, fashion etc.. I live in a small town so I was excited to see there were actually a bunch of matches for me right in my home town. I moved here 4 years ago and we still haven't really met very many people so this app will be a great way to meet people and connect! I also love how it was so quick and easy to sign up and start connecting right away.👪 If you're looking to meet up with other like minded parents check it out and download the @momiegoapp for free ➡



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