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Mela Apple Cider Gummies 🍎

#ad 🍎 Have you heard about all the wonderful benefits of apple cider vinegar yet? I recently got around to researching it and trying it as a daily supplement. I found these @melagummy apple cider vinegar gummy #vitamins to be exactly what I was looking for because just 2 gummies is equivalent to one full shot of apple cider vinegar. Each #gummy contains real apples, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 , beet and pomegranate juices. They also taste good and are odor free so you can enjoy the #applecidervinegar without the unpleasant smell. We also love how they're so easy to digest and don't leave an after taste. Mela gummies are always unfiltered, vegan, non-gmo and gluten free! 🍎 Try them for yourself and get 5% off with my code: NURSESHANNAN ➡

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