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Make Lemonade Aroma Egg Diffuser

This @makelemonadewithus aroma egg diffuser is by far the best diffuser we have ever used. 🍋 #waterlessdiffuser #ad. It doesn’t require any water or oils and is wireless so you can take it anywhere. It emits aroma with a quiet fan and makes any space smell amazing. Best of all you can conveniently swap out one of 10 scents (one sachet of starter orange aroma beads is included). The scents range from fresh and fruity to mosquito repelling citronella and each sachet of aroma lasts for around a month. This innovative Make Lemonade Aroma Egg is so lightweight and easily fits in drawers, cup holders, gym bags, #diaperbags, travel bags etc. To learn more visit the product page @amazon ➡


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