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Magic Tears

These cry babies magic tears dolls are such a clever way to teach your kids about caring and compassion. They actually cry real tears until they receive a pacifier placed in their mouth. You just fill them up with water and watch them cry tears, just like a real baby! We are happy to have the opportunity to test the newest releases of 2 of the large crying dolls and 3 of the new collection of the 12 new little characters that come in blind bottle houses and all sorts of tiny accessories! The 2 larger dolls Lady and Dotty come dressed in soft animal print onesies and their own special accessories including their pacifier so your little one can practice nurturing skills and use their pacifier to comfort them when they cry real tears! . They are currently available on amazon, target and other major retailers. To learn more about all these adorable Cry Babies Dolls new releases visit check out their youtube ➡


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