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LuxfurniGlobals early Mother's Day gift is a vanity dream come true!

Hello Thursday! @LuxfurniGlobals early Mother's Day gift is a vanity dream come true! 💋 ✨


Featured: #LUXFURNI Mirror Jewelry Cabinet 79 LED Lights Wall-Mount/Door-Hanging Armoire , Lockable Storage Organizer w/ Drawers

Deal of the day and use code

Code: 368ZLZGH

Deal Price: $115






I've had this beautiful @LuxfurniGlobals jewelry cabinet for a couple years now and love it!!! It's the perfect space saving solution for #organizing large amounts of jewelry. It easily hangs on any door and only takes a couple minutes to install. It has a handy lock and keys so you can keep all sorts of different #valuables in it . It can also be used for storing makeup and has 79 led lights #makeup lights and a mirror powered by AA batteries,. The lights are so handy and make finding stuff in the dark easy The lights instantly turn on when the cabinet door is opened. When it's closed you can use it as a full length #mirror. It looks and feels to be very solid and well made with an anti-tarnish velvet lining. This #jewelry cabinet has 130 #earring slots, 84 #ring holders and 24 hooks for #necklaces and #bracelets. It also comes with a removable #cosmetic bag/ 1 clear organizer for 14 lipsticks or small items. 4 crystal drawers and 4 #storage shelves fot stuff like sunglasses, watches, make up and skincare.



If you miss the Deal of the Day you can get it any other time for $44.8 OFF with my code: NurseShannan


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