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Love the designs on these nail wraps and the way they turned out! 🌿

I was really excited to get these nail wraps from but kinda dreading doing them because I thought I would mess them up! All that worry was for nothing because they turned out to be incredibly easy and took under 5 minutes!! ad. 🌿 I love love love the designs on them and the way they turned out! I don't renember the last time I was so impressed with the way my #nails look. I don't usually like painting my nails because they always seem to get drips, smudges etc but these #nailwraps are made from precured gel #nailpolish instead of the typical plastic, so they look perfect and stick really well. I also love how they don't peel off easily or chip like regular mail polish!! 🎁 Right now you can get 2 free wraps plus free shipping *no code needed. Or use my code: Shannan20 for 20% off your entire order. Check out all the beautiful #aquasbeauty nail wrap colors and designs at ➡




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