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🌞 Lots of fun in the sun today!

🌞 Lots of fun in the sun today! We set up Zelah's new bounce house! Thankfully I had this vitamin / electrolyte water from sipswigg to keep me energized and hydrated. Packed full of all my favorite natural minerals and vitamins including b12! I love how it requires no single use plastic bottles and costs a third the price! Sipswigg just released a new yummy flavor, the Citrus Sip! My set came with this awesome Swigg water bottle and a box of 30 sachets of the Citrus Sip flavor.

🌞 Perfect for on the go and outside activities - I simply rip open one of the energy powder sachets, tip it into a container, mix for 30 seconds, and take a sip! You can find these Sugar Free Vitamin/Electrolyte Powder Packets at


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Lani Vander Syde
Lani Vander Syde
12 thg 4, 2023

😃 nice bounce house!

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