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🎀 Lori Dolls and fun accessories

🎀 Zelah has been playing with this fun collection of @loridolls and accessories all day. The Roller Glamper is so cool and includes everything needed including the camper, clip for car attachment, removable table, pots, lids, saucepan, kitchen utensils, cups, bowls, dishes, spoons, forks, knives, lantern, cactus decor,  pillows and blankets. The lights are even functional and this #camper attaches onto a lori car. 🎀 We also received the lori dolls mix and bake set box of 50 plus other additional kitchen items with everything you could imagine for kitchen baking. The  Garden Patio Set includes a patio swing, grass carpet, tray,  pitcher and glasses. 🎀 Zelah's favorite set is the home work space because she loves the little laptop and she can write on the chalkboard with the included real chalk. It also has a desk, chair, speakers, pencil holder and globe. @Loridolls has everything from fashion dolls, to ballerinas, to horses, to travel accessories to large accessories. You can find them @target, @amazon and other major retailers. 🎀 Visit the store locator to find them near you




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