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LilyBee Wraps

We've decided to toss out the plastic sandwhich bags and start using @lilybeewrap 🐝 These organic & reusable #beeswax food wraps are better for the environment. I also like how they're all handcrafted and made of certified 100% organic materials that work as a natural antibacteriel so they keep our food fresh longer. They work way better than seran wrap cling and other plastics plus are completely #biodegradable & contain no plastic! #PlasticFree .This #LilyBee set includes 3 wraps of large, medium and small. What a perfect size variety for sandwiches, baked goods, cheese, snacks, fruits, berries, vegetables and more. To learn more about these #reusable organic food storage wraps check them out on @amazon ➡ #SiliconeFree, #lilybeewrap, #waxnotplastic, #waxmefree #ecofriendly #sponsored


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